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How does pure water technology work?

The simple explanation

Tap water is pumped through a 5 stage filtration system firstly to remove all the minerals and chemicals from the water and then the ions are removed (reverse osmosis). The now "Pure Water” is then pumped up a carbon fibre Water Fed Pole and through jets in the brush where it is sprayed onto the glass. The "Pure Water" breaks down the dirt and holds the molecules and particles in suspension. The brush lightly agitates the surface, loosening the dirt and speeding up the cleaning process. Any dirt or dust particles are rinsed away by the constant stream of water. This system of cleaning is more expensive than traditional window cleaning methods but we charge the same rate, due to it being a safer method thus our insurance policy is considerably cheaper.

What would happen if normal water was used to clean windows?

It would result when dry with streaks, spots and smears left on your windows which can permently damage the glass. This effect on the glass is due to the high mineral content and the chemicals added to your tap water especially in our hard water area.

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What our customers think

❝We have been using TC window cleaning for 18 months now and the results are always perfect and our white window frames are always cleaned too❞
Mrs R – Hemsby